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   KnowAndManage has been established by Dr. Rony Dayan in 2007 to enable the dissemination of the rich experience he has gathered along his industrial career (visit my blog relating to it at:

   Rony Dayan is a retired Lt. Colonel of the Israeli Air Force, with industrial experience as deputy GM of MBT, one of the Israel Aircraft Industries divisions belonging to the Electronics Group. Before that, he was the corporate marketing representative in South East Asia where he received the IAI President Marketing Award for outstanding performance.

   Dr. Dayan has been leading the effort to incorporate Knowledge Management in the company ever since 2002. He has designed the programme, has managed it ever since the beginning, and it is being implemented now across the five groups and over twenty divisions of this 2.5B$Aerospace & Defence company (

   Dr. Dayan has also given courses in Business & High-Tech Marketing in the School of Business Administration at the Israeli College of Management and is preparing a course for the implementation of KM in learning organizations for the Israel Teachers Association.

   Dr. Dayan holds an Engineering degree from the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and a Masters Degree, both in Electronics, from the US Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright Patterson AFB, in Dayton, Ohio, USA. His PhD is from the Cranfield University, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science, Department of Enterprise Integration in the UK, June 2006 in the field of Knowledge Management and the success factors for its implementation in a large corporation.

   Dr. Dayan is affiliated with The Association of Knowledgeworks, Sun City, Florida USA who has published an article about his experience in IAI, and with the Knowledgeboard, Bristol, UK. Rony is the co-author of some book chapters relating to his experience in KM implementation:
   • Dayan, R., Pasher, E. and Dvir, R., (2006).The Knowledge Management Journey of Israel Aircraft Industry, chapter in book: "Real-Life Knowledge Management: Lessons from the field" published by the KnowledgeBoard - Content Management Service.
   • Dayan, R., Algor, R., Kedem, A., Naor, D., (2007). Learning and Performance Support for Effective Innovation and Improving Engineering Processes at IAI, chapter in book: Kazi, A.S., Wohlfart, L., and Wolf, P. (2007) Hands-On Knowledge Co-Creation and Sharing: Practical Methods and Techniques.
   • Dayan, R., Pasher, Y., (2007). Developing, nurturing, and sustaining communities of practice, chapter in book: Kazi, A.S., Wohlfart, L., and Wolf, P. (2007) Hands-On Knowledge Co-Creation and Sharing: Practical Methods and Techniques.

   He has published articles on KM implementation in The Knowledge Management Review (2003), 6, (2), p.12-15, a number of conference papers on various KM subjects as "Using a common taxonomy to implement the 'One Company' value at IAI, Search and Retrieval Conference, The ARK Group, Amsterdam; has collaborated with Prof. Stephen Evans on the writing of an article on the commonality between KM and the CMMI(SM) standard (CMMI is a service mark of Carnegie Mellon University), published by the Journal of Knowledge Management (2006), 10, (1), p.69-80; and has led workshops for the planning of KM using the Hoshin Kanri methodology for the Marcus Evans Conferences in Amsterdam and for the ARK Group in Singapore.
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