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   Whether you are after 'managing your knowledge' or it is 'knowing how to manage' you are looking for, you've come to the right place.
   Is your business stagnant, do you have a feeling that you ought to be able to do more with the resources that you have, are you complaining that your staff is not learning anything from its own experience, is your organization acting as an aggregate of separate people without any sharing of knowledge; if any of the above resembles your organization, then you are not alone. These are the sentiments in many enterprises, from the large industrial organizations, to the SMEs; from the very High-Tec start-ups, to the very Low-Tec service establishments.
   Yet, do not despair! Having recognized your difficulty is the bigger half of the task done. All there is now is to focus on the specific goals to be achieved and to plan for the implementation of Knowledge Management activities to transform your company into a Learning Organisation.
   Having designed and managed for the last five years the KM program for Israel Aerospace Industries, the largest Israeli corporation in Aerospace and Defence, I'll be more than happy to share my experience with you on any thought or activity you are contemplating about the subject we are dealing with on this web-site:

  • KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - A discipline that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, managing, sharing, and leveraging all of an enterprises's knowledge and information assets, by continuously employing a set of policies, organisational structures, procedures, applications and technologies, in purpose of improving its competitive advantage.
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT - Change as the result of a holistic review and sweeping transformation, or as the outcome of a management decision, is a process by which an organisation re-examines what it was, is, will need to be, and how to make the necessary modifications occur to significantly alter its performance.
  • LEARNING ORGANISATION - To operate effectively, organisations need to 'fit' or align themselves with their environment, strategies, capabilities and leadership skills. To compete successfully in a highly competitive and constantly changing business environment, organisations also need to attain 'fitness' - the capacity to learn and change to fit new circumstances. "The greatest competitive advantage for any organisation is its ability to learn." (Arie de Geus, former head of planning for Royal Dutch Shell)
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